Wills & lifetime planning

A Will ensures that our assets go to those to whom we choose to leave them. Some people make the incorrect assumption that if they die without a Will their assets will automatically pass to their spouse or their civil partner, or even worse, their so-called ‘common law spouse’.

A Will can offer you the security of knowing your estate will be shared between those you wish to benefit and you will know you have done what you could to make things easier for those you have left behind. Our wills are sensibly priced and we still offer free safe keeping of your wills.

Our experienced team can advise on the following:

  • Who is suitable as executor(s)
  • What is achievable by way of split of legacies
  • How you can protect parts of your estate for certain beneficiaries
  • Whether there are any tax saving to be made


Offices in Suffolk

Goodwin Cowley Solicitors
3 Regent Road
NR32 1PA

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Goodwin Cowley Solicitors
52 Field Lane
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Office in Norfolk

Goodwin Cowley Solicitors
38-42 Bethel Street

Telephone: 0330 055 7598
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