Administration of estates

We provide a supportive professional service for those who have to wind up the Estate. Often these are also the people who are bereaved, it is a time of grief and it can also be a stressful time, and we provide you with expert advice and assistance sensitively. Whilst dealing with the legal formalities complex issues can arise during the administration of an estate.

Our experienced team can advise on the following:

  • What needs to be done urgently
  • Whether a grant is required
  • Whether inheritance tax will be payable
  • Explain the intestacy rules if there is no will
  • How to deal with joint assets
  • How to deal with the estate
  • What to do when somebody want to challenge the will

Offices in Suffolk

Goodwin Cowley Solicitors
3 Regent Road
NR32 1PA

Telephone: 01502 532 700
Fax: 01502 532 719

Goodwin Cowley Solicitors
52 Field Lane
NR33 7QA

Telephone: 01502 377388
Fax: 01502 532 719

Office in Norfolk

Goodwin Cowley Solicitors
38-42 Bethel Street

Telephone: 0330 055 7598
Fax: 01502 532 719

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